Getting organized is about decluttering your life and surroundings.

Are you overwhelmed by the number of things you are holding onto or feel compelled to continuously fill your time and space with excess stuff?

Do you feel obligated to hold onto things that have been gifted or passed onto you by others?

Do you experience surges of anxiety at the mere thought of letting go of things that may be meaningful to others but are not necessarily meaningful to you?

My coaching and organizing techniques will empower you to clearly discern what enriches your life from what clutters it.

Clutter, in any and all of its forms, is a direct result of unprocessed thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. And, the constant accumulations of excess are merely ill-fated attempts to fill voids deep within. To successfully clear clutter from your life, it is of vital importance to untangle the cognitive clutter associated with what you are holding onto and why. By processing feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, personal responsibility, etc. you are then able to gain personal objectivity and begin a journey of self-discovery and healing from within. Personal objectivity, understanding and self-discovery empower you to take action to finally declutter your surroundings and your life.

Letting go of what no longer serves a useful purpose enriches your life and life experiences.

Organizing isn’t about finding the perfect containers, bins, baskets, and gadgets that we are led to believe will finally provide a sense of organized bliss.

Organizing is about understanding the habits and behaviors that perpetuate clutter and disorganization in your life.  Understanding what is behind these habits and behaviors is what will set you up for long-term, sustainable success.

Being organized saves you time and money while greatly reducing the distractions that keep you from accomplishing what is most important to you.  Being organized clears the physical and emotional space to invite in what you want more of in life:  a better quality of life, improved health, healthier relationships, peace of mind, financial wellness, and more.

Anxiety, depression, chronic disorganization, ADD, and executive functioning disorder have been major players in my personal struggles.  I understand how these challenges can affect the process of letting go of the thoughts and things that hold you back.

The process of letting go of what is blocking the path to the life you envision for yourself is unique to you.  What is essential to your success needs to be specific to your life and style.  My role as a coach, organizer, and consultant is to empower you to make well-thought-out decisions for yourself.  There is no judgment.  I will encourage and support you from a place of love, compassion, and understanding.

If you do not clear the path for the life you envision for yourself, who will?


Middlemalism is a word I came up with to bridge the gap between minimalism and having far too much “stuff”.

I struggled for years with over-shopping, overspending, and obsessive and compulsive behaviors that perpetuated the clutter and chaos in my life.  I was compelled to constantly fill my time, space, and life with stuff to fill voids deep within.  These behaviors did not provide any lasting reprieve from my internal conflicts.  In these ill-fated attempts to avoid feeling and dealing with pain, I was always left with even higher levels of anxiety, depression, and debt.

At one time, I was influenced by others’ claims about the joy of minimalism (which I do not dispute).  I thought minimalism would end my suffering. In attempting minimalism, I let go of some things that were irreplaceable or more meaningful to me than I realized at the time and was left with a fair amount of regret.  Minimalism was not for me, at least not at that point.  The term middlemalism came to me as I reevaluated how to live happily and clutter-free.

Middlemalism is about letting go of excess with little, if any, risk of regret.

Middlemalism can offer a middle ground in which to live more harmoniously with yourself and others. Middlemalism is a place free of clutter; it affords us the luxury of having less stress and friction.  Middlemalism is my happy place.

Middlemalism is about living more intentionally and creating the time and space for the people you love and the things that bring you joy. – JoJo