About Me

Hello!  I am JoJo Caramello.

I was born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston).  After graduating college, and further continuing my education, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to be closer to family who relocated from the cold New England winters to The Valley of the Sun.

While living in Massachusetts, I received my college degree in Business Administration and shortly thereafter continued my education to become a Licensed Esthetician.

I moved to Arizona in 1999.  Living in Arizona has introduced me to amazing people and experiences that have had an incredible impact on my life and how I live it.

In Arizona, I worked at the Five-Star Phoenician Resort and Spa as an Esthetician and Makeup Artist, leaving only to start my own business.

At the same time, I began helping friends and clients declutter and organize their homes just for the pure joy of it. I like to tell people I have been organizing since 1977, beginning with Barbie’s Dream House.  Lol! I absolutely love helping others declutter and organize their lives and surroundings. To my surprise, helping others to simplify and organize for the pure joy of it is now a 20+ years career that brings me incredible joy and fulfillment on many levels.

Life Coaching was always calling me. I am a Certified Life Coach and am fascinated with the power of the subconscious mind, neurolinguistic programming, the mind/body connection, and the ability to heal from trauma and significant life-defining moments that impact human development and require levels of compassion and understanding to process and heal from.

It was not an easy road to get to where I am today. However, I can see now that my experiences and struggles enable me to help others and hopefully shine a light on their paths.

Here is part of my story.

I have experienced firsthand the challenges of chronic disorganization, compulsive shopping, overspending and chronic debt. I have suffered from self-sabotaging behaviors, depression and the despondency that results from endless attempts at trying to change my mindset and my life. I had an eating disorder that started at age 12 and continued for 22 years; twenty more years of binge-eating disorder, disordered eating and body image disorder followed. I suffered from compulsive and self-destructive habits that bordered on addiction.

Most of my life was an emotional rollercoaster ride powered by feelings of worthlessness, self-loathing, and hopelessness.  I was paralyzed by anxiety and depression long before they were ever recognized by the medical community.  I believed I was a failure in every possible way.

Anxiety, depression, ADD, executive functioning disorder and obsessive-compulsive behaviors have been painful parts of my journey. My life always seemed like an uphill battle. When I was at my best, I felt I was barely treading water as I navigated my day-to-day life.

I finally realized that the continuous pain I was in was caused by traumas, distressing life events, and acute moments that, for whatever reason, were never adequately addressed or processed.  Maladaptive coping strategies, of which I had many, were a means of self-preservation.  The deeply rooted beliefs about myself that I adapted to early in life, I later adopted as a way of life.

Determined to change my ways, I began a journey of self-discovery, understanding, and immense healing.

I identified the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, that were in stark contrast with my soul as clutter.  And, strangely, clutter, in all its forms, though very painful, kept me safe.  My maladaptive coping skills were deeply rooted in physical, emotional, and familial clutter.

The many forms of clutter I held onto for dear life were attempts to distract myself from the pain I was experiencing.  Clutter is a buffer; it keeps the uncomfortable and unfamiliar at bay.  Clutter dulls pain (though only for a very short period).  Clutter falsely offers protection from fear of the unknown.  What was soothing to me during those times was also horribly destructive to my development and well-being. What differed from the certainty of pain posed threats on a primal level, so pain, in its odd familiarity, made me feel safe. Physical, emotional, mind, spiritual and body clutter, etc. kept me safe. All the clutter that kept me safe on an unconscious level was identical to the clutter that held me hostage on an unconscious level as well.

Clutter kept others at a safe distance. Clutter was how I punished myself: being overweight, drinking alcohol to the point of oblivion and other destructive habits and behaviors that made my existence absolute misery.
Clutter created obstacles that were precise in keeping me from healing and growing into the life I so desperately wanted for myself. Clutter kept me from what I wanted: joy, good health, self-worth, self-confidence, loving human connection, financial wellness, and more. Clutter kept me from experiencing the personal and professional success I needed to fill my soul.

As I began the process of peeling away the layers of clutter (negative thoughts and beliefs put upon me by others) I developed tools and skills to break free and clearly define who I am and what I stand for. Without all that excessive clutter, I was free to be an “Accurate Reflection” of who I truly am. I now live a life free of excess clutter. My dreams are turning into reality; I am amazed every day at how I navigate my life and interact with the world around me.
I am grateful for my life now and feel blessed beyond measure. It is a privilege to be able to openly share my experiences, strength, and hope with others.
I never imagined that the three things I am so passionate about would come together this way.

Life Coaching, Professional Organizing and Image Consulting create incredible opportunities for me to help others process and release the various forms of clutter that are in their way. When you begin to let go of the clutter that is holding you back, you open yourself up to becoming an “Accurate Reflection” of your true self.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. It is a gift for me to share my experiences, insights and observations in the hopes that your own journey may be a gentler swifter path filled with all the love you deserve.

To be an Accurate Reflection of who you truly are is the greatest gift you can grant yourself. – JoJo