All forms of clutter affect our health, our spirit and our personal and professional relationships. And, behind every form of clutter is, above all; Mind Clutter. It is our Mind Clutter that keeps us from having more of what we want in our lives. What do you want more of? Do you want more joy? More quality time for family and friends? More health and sense of well-being? Maybe you want more success personally, professionally and financially. Clutter is the number one obstacle that keeps you from having all you want in life and more! JoJo’s “Present, Positive and Persistent” teachings will help you to effectively replace the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors you need to let go of in order to get to where you want to be. Her guidance is goal-oriented to empower you to create the space necessary to bring into your life what it is you want more of.


JoJo’s profound insights as to how and why we can all get caught up in the chaos and clutter of life are what set her apart from all others. Her specific, goal-oriented solutions to overcome the challenges of disorganization in our thoughts and our surroundings are incredibly effective in propelling you forward into the life you envision for yourself. JoJo will help you to identify: your various forms of clutter, why you are holding on to it, and the purposes it is serving. She will teach you how to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you repeating the same behaviors over and over hoping for a different outcome. It is when we finally become aware of our self defeating thought patterns and behaviors that we can change them for good.


JoJo is a Coach, Cheerleader and Teammate all in one! She is encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic! What is her motivation in helping others? JoJo has experienced first-hand the challenges of chronic disorganization, compulsive shopping, over-spending, chronic debt, and just having too much stuff! Clutter, in all it’s forms, kept her from moving forward in every area of her life. JoJo is not afraid to openly share her personal struggles and personal triumphs to benefit others in their journeys moving forward. And, her positive attitude and energy are contagious! If you are looking to: simplify to streamline your life, minimize to streamline your surroundings or develop a minimalist lifestyle, JoJo can guide you through the process.

“JoJo’s approach and commitment to her client’s success is a game changer in the field of Professional Organizing.”

JoJo is truly gifted in guiding individuals to declutter, organize and elevate their physical, emotional and spiritual space. Letting go of old thoughts, limiting belief systems, as well as our “stuff” can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. We all have stories tied to our belongings and long held beliefs about our selves and our things. All of these “thoughts and things” hold such great sentiment, it feels, or we think, they are an integral and necessary part of our being. Or, we wonder, “What if I need it later?, How will I go on without it?”. So much of what we hold onto keeps us feeling safe, however, it can paralyze us at the same time.

JoJo expertly guides individuals through the process of making space for what they want more of with great compassion and confidence. If you are looking for not only a more organized home, but also an emotional catharsis, contact JoJo today. By clearing clutter from your life, you are simultaneously creating space for abundance and opportunities you may have only dreamed of!

We can all get caught up in the chaos and clutter of life but, we don’t have to live there.

What do you want in life?

Let me help you make room for it.

JoJo Caramello


JoJo Caramello is a Life Transforming Professional Organizer and Speaker. Originally from Boston, MA, she has been a small business owner in AZ since 2004. JoJo is committed to her client’s success from start to finish. She is equally committed to environmental sustainability and strives for zero landfill with every organizing job by repurposing, recycling and donating all useable goods to local charities committed to meeting the needs within our community and beyond!

Think about what it is you want more of in life, and contact JoJo today to begin the process of streamlining and organizing your surroundings.

You deserve to be an “Accurate Reflection” of the person you truly are.