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As a Life Coach, Professional Organizer, and Image Consultant, JoJo helps people to live clutter-free in their lives, their homes, and their surroundings.

JoJo is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience in her chosen fields. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to heal their inner wounds and overcome the challenges that hold them back from living the lives they envision for themselves.

JoJo is empathetic, compassionate, kind, and supportive. Her coaching methodologies are deeply rooted in love and understanding. JoJo is committed to her clients’ success; her passion is fueled by her love for humanity. Her dedication in guiding others to live lives free from the habits, behaviors and belief systems that perpetuate the guilt, shame and fears that hold them back is unwavering.

JoJo openly shares her wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences in coaching her clients to overcome their personal and professional struggles. She understands the predominant roles of anxiety and fear that perpetuate the self-sabotaging habits and behaviors that keep one’s dreams and goals at a distance.

Clutter is exhausting. Clutter robs you of the energy, enthusiasm and ability to change what is within your power to change. Clutter blocks the paths to love, health and abundance. And, every form of clutter directly affects your well-being.

Some of the Many Forms of Clutter

  • Physical
  • Body
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Mind
  • Spiritual

What is clutter costing you?

Decluttering elevates your life and opens you up to new experiences. Decluttering and organizing your life and surroundings are paramount to realistic, sustainable, lasting success.

When you simplify and streamline your life and surroundings, positive changes are inevitable. The rewards of decluttering physically, emotionally, and beyond transform the way you live, the way you love, and the ways in which you interact with the world around you.

Client Testimonials

JoJo is the most capable person I know that not only enthusiastically takes on challenging projects but does them with the utmost compassion and ease. I boast a 20+ year professional relationship with her that is rooted in respect and commitment. She has a great passion for learning and is always finding unique solutions to any problem. She is dedicated and inspiring. It is a privilege to know JoJo personally and professionally. It is a joy to see her help so many people gain control of their lives and their environments.

Angela J. Saylor

Owner, Olos Euro Medspa
Catherine Anaya

I have known JoJo for over a decade. She is so passionate about what she does in helping people clear the clutter in their space and in their mind. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every client with the purpose of bringing a sense of calm and organization to every life she touches.

Catherine Anaya

Three-time Emmy Award winning Journalist, Host of Horizonte on Arizona PBS, Emcee
Nick Fuller

JoJo has a special kind of light. Her positive nature, poise, and wisdom transcend all she does. She is not the type of person you meet every day. JoJo is thoughtful, open, and understanding and knows how to spark positive change in everyone she meets. I always find comfort in my interactions with JoJo from the moment she greets me with her warm smile to how patiently she listens to whatever I have to say and then her ability to assess what I need to move forward.

Nick Fuller

Executive Producer, Los Angeles, CA

You are worth living and experiencing life at full expression!
– JoJo

JoJo’s personal and professional experiences have shown that clearing clutter, in whatever forms it shows up in life, is where healing begins.

Because of her own experiences of growing out of the darkness and into the light, JoJo is driven to share what took her decades to figure out for herself. It is her hope, in openly sharing her journey, that your journey may be a gentler, swifter path filled with all the love and abundance you deserve.

JoJo Caramello is a supportive and inspiring coach and cheerleader for you!

If you are ready to take action, you are in the right place. JoJo is here to support you to finally process the unresolved experiences in your life that are directly associated with the clutter that is blocking your path.

With JoJo’s coaching expertise you will be guided to clear that clutter, connect to the strength within and take action to accomplish what is most essential to living a life of joy and abundance.

When you *let go of what no longer serves a useful purpose, you afford yourself the strength and power to become an **Accurate Reflection of your true self.
– JoJo

“You can’t change your past, but you can change your perspective.”
– JoJo

*Letting go of what no longer serves a useful purpose; as you heal from within, you are able to let go of negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that have served you well in the past; these old beliefs, etc. will then be replaced by positive and supportive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that empower you to be authentically you; it can also include letting go of things, places, people and situations that no longer serve you as you outgrow them.

To be an **Accurate Reflection of your true self is to live free from inner conflict about who you are and what you stand for; it is your authentic self shining through; it is a testament to the love and respect you have for yourself and allows you the freedom to define and experience what success is for you.